Thursday, 19 April 2012

Drawing and motif development

For this project I have chosen to look at bloom. I was going to do birds And bloom but I think that this is heading more towards just bloom. So Ive srared off by doing some drawings from real life primary sources. For this motif developement, I have just picked a few red flowers from a bush. I then started to experiment with drawing them in different techniques and with different medias, such as Continuous Line, Blind Continuous Line, Fine Liner, Pencil, Water Color, and Felt Pens!

This is a photo of one of the red flowers that I'd picked from a bush.

This is what they looked like as a continuous line drawing using a black fine liner.

Then this is what the drawing looked like when I'd repeated the flowers and did it as a blind continuous line drawing with a fine liner, I think that it looks really interesting. I find that blind drawings can turn out really interesting!

This is the exact same drawing as above but in pencil and not fine liner. But this time I've painted it with water color paints.

And this is exactly the same as the drawings above but this time I have used 3 totally different colors with water color. And I have deliberately missed sections out and left them white. I did this because I just wanted to see what it would look like and turn out like. And I really like it,  because just using those  3 different colors has totally abstracted it! But then at the same time you can still tell that they're flowers.

I have done this one just by tracing some of the sections from the original Blind Continuous Line drawing.

And this is just another drawing that I'd done from a real life flower that I'd picked using a black fine liner with felt tip pens.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Welcome to Textile Bliss!

Hi, my name is Bliss Huthart and I am a student at Newcastle college doing a foundation degree in textile and surface design. And we are now doing a project where we have been manipulating fabric. It has been interesting and I have learned a lot of new and interesting techniques. I seem to enjoy stitching and manipulating fabric a lot. I really like to make everything look pretty by stitching sequins and beads onto things. But one of my favourite projects was a Bloom project where we had to draw real life flowers in lots of different styles. Then we eventually turned some of our observational drawings into motifs and surface design patterns. I really enjoyed creating motifs and patterns in different ways. We learned how to do things like "Mirrow Repeats", "Vertical Step Repeats", and a lot more!